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Personal Training

I understand that many, if not most of you simply do not like exercise and see it as a boring, tiring and a chore!

Unfortunately, gyms and personal trainers have a lot to answer for. For years personal trainers have tried a 'one size fits all' approach and wondered why our clients end up dropping out.

Well it's obvious - there was nothing PERSONAL about this approach!

"Here at Sascha Personal Training you'll find that I put the 'PERSONAL' back into Personal Training."

So where do we start?

The first step all my clients undergo are fitness assessments which check for posture, balance, range of motion and core function. This is where the truly "Personal" aspect of each and every program is determined. I believe in the principle that "if you're not assessing you're guessing!" All Information gathered in the assessments will be used to create a unique program, tailor-made to your individual body type, wants and needs.

The next step is goal setting and motivational strategies which will help you to plan every step of the way to ensure you succeed. I place huge emphasis on helping you to find out what you really want from your time spent with me. This is a crucial part of your Personal training, without direction your journey is sure to be a long one!

I have delivered outstanding results to all my clients, even those who had previously been unable to achieve their goals on their own! So why not come and have a consultation with no obligation. The consultation consists of fitness assessments, life style evaluation and a goal setting session, which will be your first steps on the road to success!

Please call for more information on Personal Training